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The Algarve is the Arabic word (الغرب, Al Gharb) which means "west" and is the most southern region of Portugal. With an area of ​​5.412 km ² and a population of 450,484 inhabitants it is the most important tourist region in Portugal and one of the most important of Europe.
Throughout the region it is still possible to discover the charms and secrets of the history of Portugal, that time does not erase. Holidaying in the Algarve also serves as a pretext for a journey through time, finding numerous testimonies of people and cultures throughout history intersected with the region. From the Romans to the long Muslim legacy to the Christian re-conquest and the Portuguese Age of Discoveries, there are many reasons for discovering the signs of a distinctive historical past.

We consider the Algarve as the land of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
It is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal with capital in the city of Faro; bordered in the north by the region of Alentejo, south and west by the Atlantic Ocean and east by the Guadiana River, which marks the border with Spain. The highest point is located in the Serra de Monchique (Pico Foia), with a maximum altitude of 902m.
Colours of the mountains and the sea are always present, a watercolor with highlights of gold, green and blue. The region has a pleasantMediterranean climate, marked by the smell of salty air wild flowers, almond and orange blossoms.

In the Algarve, you can enjoy a walking tour through numerous alleys, streets and stairways of the Algarve countryside, marked by the villages of Alte or Salir or simply enjoy the sands of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and delight in the views of the cliffs in Albufeira and Carveiro or enjoying the tranquility of the island of Tavira.

The aromas and fresh flavours of the traditional Algarve cuisine are not to be missed. Knowing the Algarve regional cuisine is mandatory for anyone visiting the area. At the same time rich in flavours and simple cooking, the cuisine of the Algarve, like everything else, has its roots in distant times and absorbed diverse influences, fish and seafood playing a lead role in this kitchen.

The most famous dish is that of Clams prepared in a Cataplana, a copper container of Islamic origin, Internationally famous are the Algarve sweets! No one can resist the taste of these divine sweets made with almonds, figs, oranges or locust beans grown in the Algarve

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